Gamer Gift Ideas

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The Top 6 MMO Games Gamers Can’t Get Enough Of

You may be wondering what an MMO is, it stands for Massive Multi-player Online. These games are huge and due to the shear amount of players that play them you are never alone playing them. These games are highly popular and do come and go as the wind shifts, except for …. Click here to Read More…

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Game Account Safety Tip 1

Game account safety needs to be top priority for any mmog player or gamer in general.  Even if you think your account will be safe there is always a couple things you can do to help keep it safe. For a free guide on safety check out Online Games Your Way Guides. Yes you have to sign up for them, just put in your first name or gamer tag and email and you’ll get your password to get them free.

So the first tip your going to get absolutely free, is to have a few gaming email accounts, 1-2 games for each account preferably 1. Also make sure you do not use the exact same password for each one.

The reason for multiple accounts is it makes it harder for those who do hack accounts to get access to all your games. Just recently a game had a rash of hacks due to another game being hacked. The hackers got the email accounts from one game and started using that plus the stolen passwords to hack the 2nd game. Pretty ingenious for hackers.

Which brings me to the 2nd part of the email thing, never use the game emails on none official sites. Use a decoy email this will also cut down on spam on the actual game email.

Stay safe. Enjoy the Game and Remember……

Always Play the Game Your Way!

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Gamer Mouse

I realize most people think that a computer mouse is a computer mouse, this just is not true. Any gamer that has used a gaming mouse will tell you that having the right mouse will help give them the advantage.  A millisecond can mean a huge turnaround or a epic loss.

I myself thought the same thing until I got my first gaming mouse now I wonder, “How I ever managed with out it”. I have many buttons macro-ed to do things that use to take both hands to do, that also took a second or 2 to do. Now its just a quick push of a button and bam it’s done.

If your looking for one gift that a gamer will be excited about, and will use for a long time to come this may be the one thing to get.

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Gamer Gifts

GAMERS WOOT!!! umm yea. This site will give you some ideas of what types of gifts gamers like, want, and just have to have.  How Do We Know? Well it’s quite simple I am a gamer, I talk to gamers, and gamers love their toys!

What you’ll find here are opinions, reviews, facts, and information with a little fun thrown in.

You will find games, gamer tools, such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and of course anything that is game related. You may even find a few surprises along the way. Who knows if your not a gamer you may become one.

Click here to check out ===> 6 Games Online Gamers will Love here.

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